Daniel Allen Butler and C. Scott Bragg have been friends for over twenty-five years, and in that time, they have come to learn the wisdom of Daniel Dravot’s comment, “The less said about our past, the better, for we have been many things in our time.”  Likewise, they also agree with Peachy Carnahan that “We are not little men.”  Rather than set out to become Kings of Kafiristan, they’ve chosen to leave their mark on the world of science fiction.  Part of the Cyberpunk genre, The Nemesis Crystals is the first of (at least) four books in a series they’ve christened “The Blade Files,” taking that name from the protagonist, Blade, a Scottish solo operator, a “trouble shooter,” as it were, since he describes his line of work thusly:  “When I see trouble, I shoot it.”

Dan and Scott both look forward to the day when there will be other names listed on this page, as hopefully other aspiring authors (or even established ones) decide to come join them in their sandbox and help expand the universe of The Blade Files.

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