Front cover for The Achilles GambitSomeone just committed a devastating act of sabotage that has left thousands dead….

Someone just carried out an assassination that stuns the world — and live-streamed it internationally as it happened….

Someone is dangerously destabilizing a rogue regime that may be armed with nukes….

Just another day at the office for Blade, right?


It’s really none of Blade’s business, and he does his best to keep it that way, because he seems to more than have his hands full dealing with his rather trying new houseguest, Spazz, and figuring out why a billionaire just tried to cheat him out of £100,000 in a game of poker. Because, as everyone knows, when money is on the line, a Scotsman plays for keeps — and for blood….

Picking up at the moment where The Nemesis Crystals left off, The Achilles Gambit throws Blade (Major David MacLaren), Raven (Ligeia Parrish), Spazz (Maureen Collins) and some of their closest friends, enemies, and frenemies into a maelstrom of violent intrigue as the leader of a nascent Far Eastern  power seeks to not just reverse the verdict of history, but rewrite history itself — even if it takes a Third World War to do it.

The Achilles Gambit — Book Two of The Blade Files

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