Hideki Nakajima – Username: Unknown

Age: Unknown, believed to be around 45
Height: 6′
Weight: 250#
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Black

Hideki Nakajima is regarded as one of the most dangerous individuals in the world of corporate espionage and terrorism. Born in Kagoshima Prefecture in Japan, he has been unofficially worked for Arasaka Corporation for most of his adult life; the indeterminate nature of his employment allows Arasaka plausible deniability of his actions if necessary. He is widely known to have close ties to the Yakuza, specifically the Kurita-ikka, the Kurita crime family. In recent years rumors have quietly circulated that he, along with the Kurita-ikka, have become quasi-vassals of a larger, as yet unidentified organization. Regarded in some circles as a psychopath, Nakajima conceives himself to be a 21st Century samurai, utterly without conscience in his loyalty to those who would be his modern-day liege-lords.  Saving face is paramount to Hideki Nakajima, and he will do anything to avoid the loss of face it will cost him should he fail to secure the Nemesis Crystals for the people who employ him.