Patricia Lyn “Trish” Crabtree – Username: Radome

Age: 27
Height: 5′ 6″
Weight: 115#
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Very pale blonde

Trish Crabtree has the reputation among “talent for hire” for being a techie who can “build a death ray out some chewing gum wrappers, an LED, a length of wire and a ‘C’ cell battery.” She’s dusplayed a remarkable talent for working with things mechanical, electro-mechanical, electrical, and electronic since early adolescence. Her abilities have caused her to be in high demand for private special operations, in particular those involving industrial espionage. She also has a propensity for anticipating out loud what other people are about to say, hence her username. Originally part of the team sent out to recover the Cystals, her technical skills give her an unexpected — and frightening — insight into what is hidden inside them.