Calvin Stuart Coleridge – Username: Hobbes

Age: 35
Height: 5′ 8″
Weight: 240 #
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Sandy brown

A child prodigy who mastered several computer languages before he reached puberty, and who is equally adept at constructing firmware and hardware, Calvin Coleridge is the founder and CEO of Cogito Orbis LLC, a software company that revolutionized the human/computer interface with Dennis – the Digital Neural Intelligence System, a VI, or Virtual Intelligence.  Over the past three years Cogito Orbis’ “Project Bowman” has become the sole focus of his work, and he has become obsessed with recovering the missing Nemesis Crystals, the key components of the project — even as Blade, Raven, and Spazz are learning that those same crystals may be among the most dangerous objects on the planet.