OK, so here’s the deal.  Copies of The Nemesis Crystals will be available at the Sharp Pointy Things booth run by the always awesome (and sometimes terrifying) Michael Z. Williamson and Jessica Schlenker.

Their booth is located at:

American’s Mart: 2nd Floor Dealer’s Room – Row E Booth 160 – 162
Near the back, on the outside aisle.


Sharp Pointy Things - Bldg 2 - 2nd Floor - E160 -- E162

Sharp Pointy Things – Bldg 2 – 2nd Floor – E160 — E162

Scott Bragg will be at DragonCon on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, so you’ll probably be able to find him somewhere, sometime, if you want to talk about Cogito Orbis Press, the Blade Files, or pretty much anything related — but not limited to — computer tech, firearms, politics, economics, the Yugo — I mean, Hugo Awards, etc.  He really does consider himself something of a modern-day Renaissance Man.  (The truth is that he’s more like a product of the 18th Century Scottish Enlightenment.)

Look for Scott Bragg on the Dragon Con App on your phone. That’ll most likely be me him if the photo is a bald man with a pipe sticking out of his beard.

Daniel Allen Butler, meanwhile, who truly is a modern-day Renaissance Man, will dutifully remain behind, chained to his laptop, subsiding on a diet of bread and water, denied the opportunity to enjoy the fun and frolics of DragonCon because:

A) He has to finish that damned manuscript of Pearl — The 7th Day of December 1941 for Casemate Publishing.  (Inconvenient details like contracts and deadlines, don’t you know.)

B) He then has to complete the manuscript of Book Two of the Blade Files:  The Achilles Gambit, which is under a deadline of its own.  So while you’re thoroughly enjoying yourself at DragonCon, please take a moment to feel a small measure of pity for those whose sacrifices make your festivities possible….