In the waning days of the winter of 2015-16, two great minds had a shared vision. At least, that’s what Daniel Allen Butler and Scott Bragg call it. It may have actually been a wafting cloud of pipe and cigar smoke, with a few single-malt fumes thrown in for good measure. In any case, they decided that it was high time that a science fiction story they had been knocking around for twenty-odd years finally saw the light of day, or at least the pages of a book. The result would be The Nemesis Crystals, Book One of the Blade Files. They then decided that since the future of fiction now lies squarely in the realm of independent publishing, they would create their own publishing house, and Cogito Orbis Press was born.

“Cogito Orbis” literally translated means “I think [up] the world.” Another, more colloquial way of putting it would be “Hey, we’re making this stuff up as we go!” Either version is equally valid, because the core of good sci-fi is believable world-building, which means somebody has to “think up” the world in which a science fiction tale — or series of tales — is set. Our logo is an image of the star Fomalhaut, which just happens to also look a lot like a hydrogen atom, the basic building block of the universe — think about the range and scale those two extremes represent and you’ll see why we chose it.

So, now that you’re here, stroll around the grounds until you feel at home, and get to know the authors, along with the characters and settings of the first two books of The Blade Files: The Nemesis Crystals and The Achilles Gambit.  When you’re ready, you can latch onto a copy of each for your very own — we’ll tell you how. Oh, and if you feel so inclined, you can always drop us an email or three — our email addresses are listed on our individual author’s pages.